Pfr. Johannes Kristf

His priest's vision

As his priest's vision or ideal he wrote the follwing lines in November, 1962 in a letter to his sister Júlia:

„Gladly I let know you, that before Christmas I will receive the lower inaugurations required for a catholic priest [namely: ostiarius, lector, exorcist and acolyte]. My soul is so glad that I have come so far. When my priest's inauguration will be, I do not know yet, I have not spoken with the Principal yet. If the dear God wants it, then I would want it at Christmas. Possibly that it will be earlier or some months later, but this is not important to me. It is not the priesthood that is the most important but the cleanness of the soul, the love of the heart in which I prepare for the priesthood. It is God's holy will that I accept the office as priest upon myself.

From the point of view of salvation and the sanctification of our life it makes no difference whether somebody is a priest or is married, is white or black, is poor or rich, 20 children or none, in the misery or in splendour, whether invalid or physically healthy, all this plays no role. Everything depends upon how much I love God, i.e. how much I fulfil his holy will, how much I long for the whole fulfilment of my occupation.

„The good shepherd gives his life for his sheep“ – This is the complete sacrifice, that erupts out of the deepening love for the divine Savior, a sacrifice made for the rest of the herd. In the biggest storms and thunderstorms, in mud and rain, in the primeval forest of the world, well away from the pleasure of the life he searches for the lost lamb, caught, interweaved in a thicket and carefully releases it from the thorns. Saving the lamb and comforting it, stroking it and holding it to his breast to bring it home, back to the others. How grateful this poor small lamb will be. And how worthwhile it is for me to repeat this. It is worthwhile to stain my clothes, to be scratched and scraped. It is worthwhile, for me to lay down my life for them. However, pray for me that I find the way to them.“